From the Ashes

These Two Priests Are Holding A Crazy Secret! When You Find Out, It Might Just Blow Your Mind.

When we last left our brave adventurers, they were spending a cold night in an unfamiliar jail. Interrogations were handled in the morning, with a zone of truth placed around their entire conversation. After the truth had been revealed, the party received their papers, and finally after so much political squabbling, received their Traveler’s Passes. Ellyjobelle noted that the issuing city indicated on her passes was likely incorrect, as Paedun, in her experience, was not such a place.

Our heroes, catching wind of a nefarious plot taking hold in the city, ask if there is anything they can do to help. Told that they weren’t techincally part of the investigation, they were forced to look elsewhere for ways to help. Searching the merchant stands, Joddun eventually procures a unique piece of information. The Wizardspire is buying up an unusual amount of spell components and other resources. They arrive at the wizardspire and are ushered up to the divination department, where thye meet the divination wizard known as Cloudeye.

After clearing their names in regards to Iacius’s untimely murder, they are enrolled in the university as Cloudeye’s own students. Aelar is enrolled in the illusion department, as per his request, and spends the rest of his day in the libraries of the school. With our heroes freshly deputized, they set out upon the city to find information.

Joddun heads to find Lyra, a named contact of Cloudeye’s, who runs a small bakery. After closing up the shop and ending friendly talk with the customers, Lyra relayed all of her possible information to Joddun and showed him on a map where she thought an attack was most likely to occur during the upcoming festival.

Meanwhile, across town, Elly (after leaving her armor for repairs) and Svorjak find their way to a temple that had been highlighted by Cloudeye. They speak with the clerics, and Svorjak has his mind attacked by the first priest they talk to. Svorjak initiates combat with the priest, who retaliates by throwing a small obsidian egg that hatches into a snake of fire. Joddun and Ellyjobelle break into the room where the combat is occuring, and help Svorjak put the man down. Fire then errupts from the snake as it dies, setting the room ablaze, which Svorjak handles with a single use of his in-born breath of cold. They encounter the other cleric now, who is charmed by Joddun immediately. He reveals his affiliation with the signet rings from earlier, stating himself to be a member of the Order of the Ash. He declares the other cleric to be entirely absent from his own plans and cult activities. Svorjak, thinking quickly (and brutally) knocks the man out with his fists.

Our party turns the clerics into the police, who arrest them for potentially assaulting men of the cloth for no reason. A quick zone of truth later, the party is set free with a significant warning. Elly, the only available clerical figure, is given the deed to the temple without hesitation, providing the party with a place of rest for their stay in Paedun. After settling in (and retrieving Ellyjobelle’s armor), Svorjak leaves on his own and finds the owner of the inn that might be under attack, and arranges for potential extra protection.

Will the festival be made safe? What were those two clerics in the temple up to? Will our party be able to save this town from the cult’s horrible plans? Only the fates know.



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