From the Ashes

Four Adventurers Break Into a Councilman's Home. What They Find May Surprise You!

Our heroes found themselves back in the Adventurer’s Guild’s Licensing Bureau, after having rested at a government-provided Inn. They were informed by the lovely and ever-smoking Greta that their papers had been delayed by the absence of their current license officiator. Absent-mindedly, Greta improperly placed some papers and they began to smolder. The quick-witted thinking of Svorjak managed to subdue the flames, earning thanks, papers, and an address from the tobacco-wielding beurocrat. Almost immediately, more than 40 brand-new recruits storm in, swarming the small building. Aelar attempts to dissuade their presence with a minor illusion, but the group remains unmoving, and our heroes are forced to retreat.

Outside, amidst the hustle-and-bustle of the city, our journeymen finally introduce themselves. Aelar, Svorjak, Ellyjobelle, and Joddun exchange names and hometowns. It is then that Ellyjobelle states herself to be princess of the western Maple Kingdom. Unbelieving, the men of the group press further on Ellyjobelle’s true history. Presenting her own vastly different map of the world, Ellyjobelle points to a large gnomish metropolis on Aiphira. Deciding this question would not be resolved in the streets, our heroes decide to press on in their mission to find the missing councilman.

Passing through districts of jewels and forges, the band makes their way to Sapphirespire Way, the home of the missing man. Upon investigating the house, they found almost all of the windows impossible to see into, save for those on the upper floor. Curious for more information, the group consults a guard and heads to the Wizardspire. A spritely gnome woman named Cheshire greets them and passes their inquiries along to the proper authorities. Our party gathers information on the school and finally secures the name of their missing person, Iacius. Further questions about the Maple Kingdom yield nothing, as this woman has never heard of such a place.

Returning to the house, Jodunn and Aelar scale the back balcony, discovering the house to be previously looted. A secret passage reveals itself, and our heroes regroup once the front door has been unlocked and opened. Discovering a destroyed bedroom, our heroes find missing research, a destroyed book, and a hidden staircase descending into the basement.

Svorjak leads the charge into the catacombs, where the body of a bandit is discovered, armor decayed by a foreign force. Not long after, gray oozes eat their way into the room, engaging our players in combat. These oozes are dispatched, and the heroes move further into the dungeon, where they find sprung traps and more dead bandits. Signet rings are retrieved from bodies as they are investigated, revealing an organized nature of this particular raid.

Eventually, our heroes made their way to a room containing vials of oozes, beyond which a single figure was propped against the far wall. Joddun called out to the figure before Aelar tossed a light-emitting, though not burning, torch into the room. Svorjak attempted to sneak around the perimeter, but a trap was sprung and a half-demolished Gargoyle charged the group.

After a long, grueling battle, Svorjak snapped the Gargoyle in two and Ellyjobelle was brought back from the brink of death by the healing powers of Joddun. The body was revealed to be that of Iacius, upon which they found a note reading:

“May fire judge Tieflings and cleanse the unclean..”

Our heroes returned to the town guard, and allowed themselves to be housed at the station where they will be kept until a proper questioning can be performed.

Who killed Iacius? What meaning do these rings and papers bear? Will our group ever receive their traveler’s passes? Only the fates know.



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