Princess Ellyjobelle Asahyne

Gnome Cleric, Princess of the alleged Maple Kingdom


Princess Ellyjobelle is a 19 year old gnome. She is 2’9" and has long, bushy, blonde hair that reaches her ankles. Elly weighs around 34 pounds, and has light peach skin. Her eyes are a dark shade of purple.

Not much is known about Princess Ellyjobelle’s background or past. She claims to be the Princess of the alleged Maple Kingdom, despite no traces of said kingdom being found in maps or history books. Despite that, Elly behaves as you would expect a princess to, being very polite and courteous. However, she’s very curious and is easily distracted, causing her to unintentionally get into trouble, much to the dismay of her teammates. She also tends to be a bit dense and somewhat forgetful, but makes up for it with her happy-go-lucky attitude and optimistic nature. She is quite young though, so she can sometimes be somewhat immature and childish as well.

In battle, Princess Elly’s specialty is healing and buffing, but she’s held back by her anxious nature. She is easily frightened, and often freezes up during battle. She also has a tendency to miss her attacks, but whether it be due to inexperience or poor RNG, the reason is a mystery.

Princess Elly’s current goal is to make it back to the Maple Kingdom and resume her duties as princess, but she’s grown fond of her teammates and is fine with traveling with them for the time being. After all, her parents are running the kingdom, so everything should be fine!

Princess Elly’s one and only hated enemy is Craig. She REALLY doesn’t like Craig.

Princess Ellyjobelle Asahyne

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